Do you have a responsive website, if your answer is what? Read on…

October 7, 2013

There are many good reasons to upgrade your website to a responsive design but three main reasons that surpass all those are as following:
1) Google recommends and marketers listen, apparently Google hold 67 per cent of search share market and if a statement in favour of responsive design comes in and gets highlighted by them, then it’s high time that as a marketer, small / medium business owner to re-do their current website by an expert team of responsive, designer / developers, Our team has been implementing responsive behaviour to our clients website since their inception.
2) Have you ever tried looking at your website on various devices? IPad, iPhone and other tablets? Are you disgusted with what you see? especially if you got ripped off by someone offering you a flash website after 2010-2011 we bet you see nothing on the apple devices as they don’t support this 3rd party applications on your apple devices…if you’re looking to change that do get in touch [link to contact page] with us.
3) if you have one site that works on every device then you need not worry about the device your client uses to contact you, a majority of people use tablets and phones to browse the internet, you could be found entering certain search criteria but when the user cant view your website properly, they simply close the site and switch on over to your competition who might have inferior product than you but a better website which gets him the business you deserve.