is business card a thing of a past?

October 9, 2013

OR a phone number and a name does it all for you, its never been easy to find people before the existance of social media but since its emergence you require very less information about someone to trace them out, no worries if you have lost a business card from a potential client or a dealer you can easily find them if they want to be found on google and other social sites like linkedin and facebook, do you want to be found on social media? Do it with us, we create and manage your social media to get noticed and as for the business cards theres no denying that they will cease to exist soon as many a times it’s a conversation starter, first exchange we have with our potential client and probably the first thing that will leave the impression on your clients, so keeping with the pace of modern times its impraritive not only to do what is done in new age but also not forget the conventional ways of professional behaviour.

Whats your take on this?