Top 5 Reasons why Social Media is good for your business.

October 9, 2013

1) Organic Customer Endorsement: Establishing a regular customer centric presence via social media is important as customers have a platform to share their experience and even recommend your brand to his contacts, it’s a new way we call “a word of the keyboard (mouth) advertisement”
2) Boost in Customer Value: Social media increase customer spending as customers who are happliy engaged with your company online are likely to spend more than the customers who are yet to know you online / offline.
3) Efficient Customer Service: An active customer service will cost you more than having an active online presence over your free social networking site, it’s the best way to be in touch with your customer base, hearing the issue, resolving them quickly leaves a long lasting impression.
4) Make or Break your Name: if you are looking to invest in social media as a business, do it professionally otherwise a bad campaign or inexperience in team to handle such online events and can very well ruin the image before it has one in the fast moving online world.
5) Here it all pays off: there is always an opportunity to land new clients out of all hard work done over the social media, providing advice, helping clients or awareness created by your product can very well lead many new users to your social media and in accounts of debit and credit. This is something similar that we do over Pandre Special Design (link to homepage); we educate and then help our clients grow their business by constant interaction through social media.