What kind of website you need?

April 6, 2014

is the question like what type of car you can afford, drive and maintain, A new business owner who wants to get the attention does not always need a Ferrari, but he would be quoted for that and get a Mazda delivered with any tom, dick and joe web design services, As a website owner you need to set the priorities straight and if you are looking for an expansion, divide it all into phases, for example an artist want to display his art to the public and starts off as a blog where people appreciate and share his / her work and in due time many are keen to buy his art, it would be a perfect time to start looking into phase 2 of converting the website into an eCommerce website. Another situation where you have a unique product and knowing it would sell you still start small with a blog or a showcase website, you are not only risking losing potential clients but also giving away your idea out for free, world is full of copy cats.

Pandre Design specifically helps out the confused website owner, those who understand that website is their face to the unknown www world and know the importance to do it right will always be keen to share their ideas with us and let us guide them to a solution that suits them best.